I planted Tomatos on arguably the hottest day of the summer.    It was probably about 6 weeks ago, my how time flies.  They are now about 4 feet tall and the stakes I used to hold them up are struggling.  I had one snap at a “y” in the plant.  I tried to patch it up by splinting it and wrapping it with some cotton string.  We’ll see.  I hope the branch doesn’t die, because it has about 6 tomatos that are just getting going.  I’d hate to lose them.

If I do, I may cut them open and see if I can harvest their seeds for next year.  Or, they might become fried green tomatos….

My basil has been attacked by some kind of insect.  The leaves are all chewed up.  I think I might need to get some lime to put on them to keep the buggies away.

3 thoughts on “Tomatos

  1. Main Entry:

    tə-ˈmā-(ˌ)tō; chiefly British, eNewEng, neVirginia, and sometimes elsewhere in cultivated speech -ˈmä-; chiefly Northern -ˈma-

    Inflected Form(s):
    plural to·ma·toes

    alteration of earlier tomate, from Spanish, from Nahuatl tomatl


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