News Boycott

Yesterday I heard the most disturbing report on the radio that I’ve ever heard in my life. A man in Virginia forgot to drop his 21 month old son off at daycare on Tuesday of this week. He also forgot that he had his 21 month old son in his car on his way to work. He left his son in the car all day. His son died a tragic and (I’m sure) horrible and painful death trapped in the car. I’m sure the father is significantly more horrified than I am. However, I have not been able to get this out of my head since I heard it. I’m stricken with grief for the family. There are so many failures in this story its unfathomable. Why didn’t someone form the daycare facility notice that the boy wasn’t there and call one of the parents? How can you forget that you have your child in the car seat behind you? Why didn’t someone notice a child trapped in a car in a parking lot until 5:00 PM?

My mind is so wrapped around the axil on this one that I couldn’t sleep last night.

Nothing good is ever reported in the news. Nothing. I’m tired of hearing nothing but horrible things in the news. So, I’m not listening to the news for at least a week. I’m also not reading any papers, or watching any news casts for a week.

Interestingly enough, we coincidentally recieved a solicitation for a magazine called “Ode” yesterday, which claimed that nothing ever good is reported in the news and that the magazine is a magazine for Intelligent Optimists.

I want to be an optimist.

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