Cloth Diapers

Recently, TKD and I decided to start using cloth diapers as much as possible with Mr. Grey. Our primary motivation for switching to cloth diapers is to avoid putting more plastic and paper into landfills. We had been interested in cloth diapers for a while, but we got suckered into the ease of “disposables” (where do they go?)

Our good sister in law, Jen, gave us a bunch of diaps. We’ve been learning the ins and outs of cloth daipers. Mr. Grey seems to like them for the most part, though I think he feels a little hot with a diaper and a cover on in 90+ heat (who can blame him, when was the last time you wore a water proof pair of undies???)

We have tired out fuzzy bunz and kushies as well as some other more generic two piece diapers (diaper and cover). Thus far, TKD likes the fuzzy bunz the best.

We’re hoping this helps.

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