I am constantly amazed at the crassness of some people. I rolled in to use the men’s room in the office today to find the toilet bowl filled to the brim, un-flushed. Now this was at 7:25 AM, the lights were off in the bathroom. I’m guessing that someone left that present last night.

Who uses the facilities and doesnt flush, besides 4 year olds?

2 thoughts on “WTFOTD

  1. it is nothing short of another sign that civilization is under attack. better start building your bunker in the woods!

    My favorite is when someone’s rectum seems to have exploded onto the toilet seat.

    Or, worse, when someone is in the stall next to me — now I’m not saying it’s an executive level person just because they’re wearing dress shoes — and I can hear them grunting.

    That’s a level of intimacy I can do without.


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