Tortilla Factory, Herndon VA

I happened to have a vague reason to visit our Sterling, VA facility on Wednesday. Well, it was a feild trip. I’m sure Joe really needed the extra hands to slide in 2 four port gigE cards into those chassis… At any rate, we found ourselves in NOVA around lunch. Being only a few miles from the best Southwestern Restaurant in the DC area, I suggested we hit the Tortilla Factory in Herndon. Fantastic stuff.

In a former life, when I lived in Reston, I would go to the Tortilla Factory at least once a week. Damn, I miss that place. Great food, I mean GREAT FOOD. I got the old standby, a Machaca Burrito. They now offer it in a chicken variety, but I stuck with the tried and true beef. Divine.

They’ve been in Herndon since 1972. I was so tempted to buy a T-shirt, but I did not succumb. Maybe next time.

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