Miles till new bike, 416.5

TKD made the mistake of agreeing that I could buy a new road bike if I road 500 miles. I told her that after today’s ride I was around 75 to 80. Tallying it up just now, I’m figuring 83.5ish since I started this year. Not bad for a previously sedentary guy in his mid 30s.

She immediately said, I’d like to change that, but I’m holding her to it.

416.5 to go…

2 thoughts on “Miles till new bike, 416.5

  1. sweet! I reserve the right to help you pick out the bike.

    I’m thinking a nice custom made from Circle-A bikes.

    ooh, or a Soul Craft.

    no, wait, a Surly.

    shit, let’s just learn to weld and make our own!


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