Despite chain failure, another 20 down…

I worked in the middle of the night last night replacing firewalls in front of our e-commerce site. Switching out vendors. I expected issues, and really had none. My good friend Bill did most of the work and he did a great job, so our 4 hour window only lasted 2.5. As a result, I was able to scoot out early today, which I did.

Hopped on the ride around 2:15 and rode down to the B&A trial. I was just getting warmed up and was overtaking another rider in the heart of Severna Park, when pop/zing…my chain done broked…I was about a mile and a half from home. Fortunately, I was about 50 yards from Pedal Pushers, the local bike shop. I had absolutely no cash and no credit cards, not even my ID. They fixed me up with a replacement link on the trust that I’d stop by and give them a five spot sometime. I plan to stop by today and hook them up.

So after that brief interlude, I was back out on the trail. I rode the whole way down to the end of the trail at Boulter’s Way and then back north up to Jumper’s Hole road, where I turned around and headed home. It was a great ride.

Now, I’m off to grab a shower and head to the store and the bike shop before picking up Mr. Grey from daycare.

2 thoughts on “Despite chain failure, another 20 down…

  1. Yeah, I was actually shocked. I totally expected to be walking home. However, I think they were even more surprised when I rolled in tonight and paid them for it.


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