Another great day. Really, today was a great day. I spent time with Mr. Grey this morning making him laugh which totally rocks. Nothing is cooler than when your 4 month old son laughs. I made waffles for breakfast for TKD. They was damn good. The rain stopped. Yes, the rain stopped. It had rained since Thursday night. Now, we needed the rain, so I’m not complaining, but damn it was nice to see the sun come out.

I hopped on the bike around 1:00 and rode for an hour. I still haven’t gotten a bike computer so I can’t be sure, but I clocked a similar route in the car tonight and figured I rode about 12 miles. Now three weeks ago when I went out the first time, I was in sad shape after the ride. My butt just wasn’t used to sitting in the saddle anymore. I’m happy to say that today was easy, yes easy. And I didn’t even feel it in my can.

My hands however continue to go numb while riding. I’m gonna have to find a new stem and make some geometry adjustments, I guess.

I got to try out the new helmet and gloves. I should have bought a new helmet a long time ago. Major difference in airflow between a helmet designed in 1992 and one designed in 2008. Much more comfortable ride.

Tomorrow’s Moms day. Mom and Matt will be coming down for lunch. We’re going to have Gazpacho, Salad, and Panini’s along with Strawberry Lemonade. After lunch, Frank and I are going to go for a ride. We’ll see how I do on day two.

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