6:00 AM, 47 degrees Fahrenheit

Got up at the usual time and got out the door around 6:00 AM for a cool ride in the 47 degree Fahrenheit morning air. It was a little bit chilly, but I managed a ride up to Jumper’s Hole Road on the B&A trail. Clocked in about 50 minutes on the bike. Good stuff.

This was the first ride with my new ergon grips. They improved the overall ride significantly. I’ve been getting a little numb in my hands. Still had tingles and a bit of numbness after about 40 minutes, but this is significantly better than before, when it happened after about 15 minutes. Probably need to have the overall fit of the bike investigated.

I was surprised that there were a few other bikers out on the trail, it being a Monday morning and all, but I ran into about 6 other bikers.

Almost had a major catastrophe when a squirrel ran out into my path. Missed him by that much. I mean it was close. I’d have totally wiped out if I’d hit him, so I was thankful to miss him. I’m sure he was too.

Dropped Mr. Grey off at daycare around 8:15, got a cup of coffee at the Big Bean and came home to find a world of chaos at the office.

6 thoughts on “6:00 AM, 47 degrees Fahrenheit

  1. yup, I finished reading the post. let’s talk about squirrels. don’t avoid them, kill them. they are targets. Hey, this is from a man that sent money to PETA. I’m sorry, but squirrels are targets.


  2. um, I’m still in love with Alyssa Milano?

    I thought if I sent them money, maybe she would finally understand me.


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