What is it with people?

After dropping Mr. Grey off at daycare today, I rolled over to Safeway to get some milk since we were out and all. All I got was on half gallon carton of milk, organic, lowfat. I didn’t even get a cart or a basket cause I knew I was only getting one half gallon of milk. So I head to the express line and miraculously, it was indeed express. The woman who was ringing me up, instinctively put the single half gallon of milk into one of those damn plastic bags. I said, probably a little gruffly (it was 8:30 and I’d only had half a cup of java), “I don’t need a bag, thanks.”

You’d have thought I’d defecated on a member of her family’s grave. She gave me a look that was all too telling, pretty much it said, “This is the way I do my job.. I put things in bags and take money. Don’t ask me to do it differently. Its only ONE bag.” But she did pull the single carton of milk which I’d carried all the way from the back of the store to the front with no basket, cart or bag in one hand, out of the plastic bag and set it on the counter. Then she made change for a 5. Well, a machine made the actual change, she just had to get out a single dollar bill.

I should have asked for a gold dollar instead.

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