The Baptism

Mr. Grey had a big day yesterday. He got baptised at First Presbyterian Church in Annapolis. Surprisingly he was very good with it. Bill Hathaway, the pastor of our church, baptised him with three sprinklings of water and then carried him through the congregation to introduce Mr. Grey to the community. Mr. Grey was quiet the whole time. Bill described Mr. Grey to the congregation included “Mr. Grey, the quiet studious one.”

After church we had a party at the house to celebrate. About 30 people came to the party including our old friends and several of the neighbors, so we had a full house. The neighborhood kids played football in our side yard, and that was really cool. A vision of things to come down the road.

The food was a hit. I made pulled pork (which took up the bulk of the day on Saturday) and everyone raved about it. In additon we had a big fruit salad, potato salad and coleslaw. Finally we had a fabulous cake from Grauls with butter cream icing.

Things broke up around four in the afternoon, which was a good time for the party to wind down organically. TKD and I spent the rest of the day trying to get Mr. Grey to relax and get ready for bed. The little man was so wound up. He did not nap at all on either Saturday or Sunday.

I think he spit up on me at least 6 times between 4 and 6. Finally, we decised that he was simply overly tired and put him down. TKD talked to him and told him that he was tired and that it was time to go to sleep and remarkably, Mr. Grey looked at her as if he understood, breathed in a big breath, and turned his head to the side and fell asleep.

TKD said, “I think the boy understands us better than we think.” I tend to agree.

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