First Bike Ride of 2008

I was determined to get up and go for a bike ride this morning despite having been up until midnight with a default route migration at work.  I told myself at midnight, that I’d get up around 6:30 and be on the bike by 7:00.  That did not happen.  Mr. Grey was up, but I wasn’t moving very fast.

Woke up stiff and a little hung over.  Can you say, “three glasses of whisky after the migration to relax before I climbed into bed so I wouldn’t disturb TKD?”  But I did get up by 7:30 and was on the bike by 8:00.

Took a ride down the B&A trail.  There was a benefit race that had both runners and cyclists, going on the trail. It was packed.  I didn’t know that this was going on today.  If I’d known, I might have thought about a different route…well probably not, I’d have probably not ridden.  At one point the dude’s at the “finish line” were yelling at me about not having a number… Nice.  Its a public trail.

Anyway, I got about 6 miles in before 9 AM today.  That was awesome.  I felt great.  I wish I had more time to do it again tomorrow, but I’m kind of doubting that will happen. Maybe if I get up at 6:30 like I’d planned today… We’ll see…

I called Frank at 9:00 AM with the question, “how many miles did you ride before 9 today?”  Without missing a beat, he answered “651 before 9 today” – but none of them were today.

Had some breakfast with the fam and then TKD’s dad, Dave, and I were off to the dump.  Dropped a load of junk off at the landfill and were back to the house by 11.

Starting to prepare the pulled pork for tomorrow.  Major mess up on my part, the meat is still frozen.  Its thawing as I write, this.  I may be cooking it over night…

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