Makeshift Ruben Sandwich

A couple of weeks ago I made roasted pork loin and bubble and squeak for dinner. For those who don’t know what bubble and squeak is, its basically a mixture of root and winter veggies including carrots, potatoes, maybe parsnips, maybe turnips, perhaps some cabbage, etc. You basically mix what you have on hand together and put it in a skillet and kind of brown it, like a big ole potato pancake. At any rate, bubble and squeak is not the key to this story…The key is that I had about a half a head of cabbage left over and I wanted to use it up. So, like many of my meals, I made something up on the fly.

We regularly enjoy pork and saurkraut. Since saurkraut is basically pickled cabbage, I thought that shredded cabbage cooked in the bottom of the roasting pan might be a good thing. And it WAS. So I made the same meal again over this past weekend in the crock pot. And we had a shedload of cabbage left over.

Here we get to the main point of this post. K, I know it’s taken a while. As I’ve been working from home today, I needed some nourishment. A ruben sounded like a grand idea. But we don’t have corned beef, saurkraut, rye bread, or swiss cheese. But we did have a shedload of cabbage.

Makeshift Ruben
Sliced pork, roasted cabbage, thousand island dressing, provolone, on grilled wheat bread.

Damn fine.

Damn fine, I say again.

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