Friday – Here at Last

It’s been another long week. Here’s the re-cap.

Monday – Went to work and had a forgettable day. Felt like crap most of the day. Worked on BGP issues in Asia.

Tuesday – Stayed Home Sick. Mr. Grey’s daycare provider was sick also. He stayed home with me. Mom came to help. Thanks, Mom!

Wednesday – Went to work. Spent the day working on BGP issues again.

Thursday – Worked from home. Spent the day working with Asia on BGP over VPNs and then with Latin America on similar issues.

Friday – Been called twice already about issues at work. Guess I better log in.

Gonna be another shit day.

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One thought on “Friday – Here at Last

  1. when I’m feeling glum about my day, I always tell myself, “Well, chim chim. You ain’t being water-boarded. And ya ain’t being mouth- _ _ _ _ ed. And ya ain’t ain’t able ta swaller from throat cancer.”Then I feel much better.I worked on a design for a web site for a company that provides concierge services to corporate office park tenants. You know, for busy execs and such — dry cleaning, on-site manicure and shoe shine services. It was a REALLY meaningful 8 hours.Well, here’s to another shit day in paradise!:)


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