Sick Babies

Sick babies are a drag.  No other way to say it. 

The  little man woke up today with a head thick with congestion and a cough.  Today was Mom’s first day back in the office so I pulled the straw to take him to the doctor’s office.  We headed on down to see Doctor G and the little man was an angel in the waiting room, right up until he was called back by the nurse.  Then he let it howl…I took that in stride though and we headed back for his exam.

Turns out that green gunk in the nose is not necessarily an indication of an infection since the little dude can’t blow his nose.  Fortunately his chest, ears and nose are all clear.

On a side note, Dad needs a reminder tattoo on his forehead that says “Take the Diaper Bag when you get out of the car…”

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