Cycling as meditation

Riding the 2013 MS Mason-Dixon Challenge

Riding the 2013 MS Mason-Dixon Challenge

Cycling is meditation.

I’m not the first to say this and I won’t be the last, but cycling can be a form of meditation. Specifically, cycling alone can be meditative. My focus point is generally my cadence – I try to keep it around 85 rpms. I want to be at 95 rpms, but somehow I always settle in around 85 rpms and that’s fine.

Thoughts come and go without judgement. But I’m not spaced out – I am in tune with my immediate surroundings. I notice everything – the sensation of the sun on my back – the sound of the wind in my ears – the gravel on the side of the road – the stop sign – other cyclists or walkers – dogs (always the dogs) – the slight incline that causes my cadence to fall. All of these things are in my immediate consciousness.  Miles melt away at 85 rpms and I am at ease.

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